Parents should keep smartphones out of teen's bed
Location: Adelanto - California
Date Posted: 12 Setiembre
Parents Should Keep Smartphones Out of Teen's Bedrooms! Here's Why

Parents: want to protect their children from negative influences, in our current culture that tries to shove explicit things into children’s faces at a young age. Parents desperately want to Keep unholy images and thoughts from creeping into their children’s lives, but they’re just not sure how to do that.

We’ve discovered a few practical steps that any Parent can take regardless of your technical knowledge.
Covenant Eyes is here to help you. We suggest that you:
1. Protect Your Family’s Devices:
2. Allow No Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, or TVs in the tween's teen's Bedrooms:
3. Talk to Your Children:
4. Give Your Kids Responsibilities and Encourage Life-giving Hobbies:
For more information download the free e-books and begin smarter parenting of this internet generation!

Most importantly start protecting your family TODAY from harmful content online.

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