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100% commercial loans are our specialty. We are constantly acquiring access to new 100% commercial funding platforms for commercial real estate, acquisition, development and construction projects, International financing and business ventures. Please call (1-877)-998-7539 for the most up to date program availability or visit our website at Below are a sample of the 100% commercial financing that we offer. We will do international commercial loans. Please call for availability. Brokers are Welcome!!

100% Commercial loan for Hotel, Casino, Resort, Restaurant and Retail Mall. Minimum Loan Amount - $1 Million - $300 MILLION. There are No Up Front Fees -- fees are rolled into the loan, ONLY THIRD PARTY REPORT FEES, CREDIT AT CLOSING. Fund through major lending institution. There is no equity participation. Interested project types include Hotel, Casino, Resort, Restaurant, Malls, Amusement Parks and other tourist attraction type of properties. To get this process started all is required would be an Executive Summary, Project Overview, or some type of presentation could be sent to the lender for consideration. Eligible Demographics - Global. Please call for more information.
100% Joint Venture Capital Financing. Submit a project to our loan dept at If interest is shown, Our Investor/Hedge fund group will arrange a conference call and discuss the terms, and quickly move forward with the term sheet. . Any and all commercial projects will be considered, including development projects, theme parks, hotels, motels, casinos, inventions, apartment buildings, inventions, movie financing, shopping malls, retail, development projects, etc. Low upfront costs. Most points can be rolled into the loan amount. Minimum Loan Size: $10 Million. Maximum Loan Size: $100 Million. Eligible Demographics - Global.

100% Joint Venture Commercial Funding. This is a project based loan, not borrower based, and the joint venture funds 100% plus most costs. The borrower does not need to show assets or net worth. The joint venture takes between 40 to 50% of the equity. There is no interest, no debt accrued, no payments and no pay back. After approval there is an third party due diligence fee, which is refundable. If the project makes sense, it gets done. Minimum Loan Size: $10 Million - No Maximum.
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